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8 .7 Freddy The Dyke  by  Freddy The Dyke
Released: 14.05.14 • Label: Skussmaal

Fucking Stavanger. Something’s in the water down there. Angry oily water. Stavanger has had a tradition of bringing good n’ heavy experimental/art rock to the masses for over a decade. I’d go so far as to say Stavanger is where the most interesting sounds out of Norway are coming from, being it avant rock, noise, jazz or whatever underground sound that’s boiling just below the surface. The scene seems to be pretty damn healthy.

Freddy The Dyke are Gaute Granli (guitar/vocals/percussion) and Bendik Andersson (drums, vocals, electronics). Both members of Skadne Krek, Freddy The Dyke is more of an outlet for the experimental side of their music. Aggressive Industrial electronic tribal dance punk? I am not sure how to describe this, other than that it’s pretty damn good.

I’ve been looking forward to this release for a while, and it does not disappoint.
Previously Freddy the Dyke released a split cassette with Blodsprut on Drid Machine Records, making it one of my favorite Norwegian releases of last year. They are now ready with their first self titled full length LP. This record is released on Skussmaal Records, yet there are Drid Machine fingerprints all over this record. The record is also mixed by Anders Hana, and features amazing industrial/psychedelic cover art by Yasutoshi Yoshida.

Lets quickly break down the tracks. “Den korte”, is appropriately named as it’s a 2 minute blast of drum and guitar noise. The guitar is played more like a percussion instruments than in the traditional sense. Next up is “Only Sixtean” which feature some vocals which in general is pretty sparse on this record. As the previous track, it’s heavy and features some serious drumming. “Roto” is a psychedelic 8 minute number that starts off rather calm and then hits a proggy Lightning Bolt vibe. What follows are two songs, that are perhaps the most melodious on the record; first with “Sandi Yama”, a chanty tribal rock track. (I know this description might make it sound like hippie crap, but trust me it’s not.) Next, the funky “Serbian Standoff” builds to a mad climax. Lastly, “slowface” ends in a rather playful way with some howling and a tremendous guitar hook. The record oozes of excitement, high energy and stellar musicianship.

You can compare them to the Locust or Lightning Bolt if they were into more tribal rhythms and electronic music, but it still has that unique Stavanger sound that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s kind of a lazy description I know; you should listen and decide for yourself. At just under 30 minutes I would have been fine with adding the two tracks from the cassette release to lengthen the release (and to give the songs the proper vinyl treatment).

Scum stats: 250 copies. Don’t have a record player? Just buy the LP for the great artwork (you get a download code with it anyhow) Do yourself a favour and have a listen to this record below:


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