Bad Sounds Radio # 9: “The Golden Age of Hip Hop”

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Nothing beats “The Golden Age of Hip Hop”; especially the sample filled late 80’s early 90’s American classics that are part of Bad Sounds radio this month. The first LP record I bought at the age of 13 was De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising in early 1990. That started it all. A fun, (sometimes goofy) and generally positive time when samples were in heavy use without fear of lawsuits from the likes of The Turtles (who sued De La Soul in 1989). A record like 3 Feet High and Rising could not be released today due to the tremendous costs of clearing samples.

Some of you don’t like rap music. You’re really telling me you don’t like old soul and funk? The rap artists of that time where the biggest fans of this music; digging through their parents record collection to find the best break beats, and the best samples. So many classics to choose from but here are ten amazing tracks. The songs have stood the test of time (although many of the videos have not). I apologize for the lack of swearing in many of these videos thanks to the FCC’s “radio edit”. If you’re not bobbin your head, check your pulse!

De La Soul – Say No Go

3rd Bass – The Gas Face

Main Source – Fakin’ The Funk

Beastie Boys – Hey Ladies

A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario

Public Enemy – Night Of The Living Baseheads

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Road To The Riches

Black Sheep – Flavor Of The Month

Stezo – It’s My Turn

Biz Markie – Biz Is Goin’ Off


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