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8 .8 Morgan Delt  by  Morgan Delt
Released: 28/01/14 • Label: Trouble in Mind

Lifting ideas from as far fetched places as Curt Boettcher, The West Coast Pop Experimental Band, and more modern day proprietors of everything “psych”, Morgan Delt collects these vastly opposing entities and distills them into what can only be described as a stunning first effort.

Make My Brain Grey sets the tone with its scattered changes in tone and time as sputtering drums and gurgling guitars fuzz in and out like a magic potion boiling on an open fire, the heavily effect-ridden voice running through intermittently. Then comes the piece de resistance Barbarian Kings, a song that choked me from the first split second and hasn’t let go in the countless times I have listened to it going through airports, train stations, work places or parks. Heavily sedated and almost falling apart at the seems with shattering guitars drooping down like glass melting, and the airy voices transcending and transporting anyone with an open mind onto pastures greener.

There are definite highlights and patches of minutes here and there that do not live up to the peaks, but when dissecting a debut record of such quality and dare I say it, originality, in a time when even the most ardent music lovers have put most new releases on the back-burner, this finally ignites the engine again and can only help to push others in new directions too.


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