Back, Slack and Crack

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3 .2 Lazaretto  by  Jack White

When I listen to Jack White, this is what comes out of his mouth:

I’m a stomp it to ya momma,
I’m a raging through yeeeah
hop it, down trodden, whoop whoop
doggone it, slap-a-doodle
haven’t found my chicken
on another side of prison
big fat honky ronking on my tonky
slap a doodle, frank and stacy
one in the bottle
rap it to me uncle
come with an onion
rub it on my beezwax

whack a banana on my sombrero
i’ll watch from the ticket box
castrate your stick socket for a nickle
hasta la vista bombs on your diet
attendant in a fix, licking a switch
happy monkey, wrapped in filters
ass muncher, shampoo albatross
fix it, yeah, fix it oooh, aw awww aauuu

Rub it in my ashes, slamma booga
whack it over moses, hot dogs-a lotion
alanis likes rice from her molasses
bacon on her eyelashes, i’m down like calabasas
the murder prison tiger cashed over onassis
and the dough doesnt fuck up the traction


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