Stoner Fashionista´s Punk Rock Playlist

Sep 10 • By • 995 Views • No Comments on Stoner Fashionista´s Punk Rock Playlist BS, EDITORS´ PICKS, Issue 32 // Sept 2014, Stoner Fashionista

Who am I kidding, it was always punk rock.

I space out for months on stoner rock, run to Britney, mix it up with Hip Hop, ponder to Beck and confuse myself with folk I don’t know if is annoying or catchy. But punk rock is the only music that truly rocks my soul.

It doesn’t matter if the lyrics is about male prostitution, shitting in girls mouths, substance abuse, heartbreak or just your average existential crisis, no music can make you feel better.

Punk rock forever.

To all the people with too many thoughts, miserable, pissed off, confused kids, bored, happy, tired or energetic, here’s my mix of new and old, “Feel good punk for the fall” playlist for you guys <3


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