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Long reviled by the common man as being conjurers of evil spirits, collectors of venomous snakes, grave digging miscreants of the lowest order, metal heads are in fact nice people. In the musical landscape, some of the best we know.

Its no surprise that metal and beer go hand in hand. Like a marriage made in hell. Financially speaking venues love metal shows, because they drink with both hands, shots of jagermeister go down like M&Ms, Fernets coat the throat to ward off the evils of winter, and they actually act disciplined and polite, most of the time.

Most Indie shows, except a precious few, consist of cooler-than-you twats standing ironically at the back of the venue on their phones, talking to people but not really listening, trying to see if anyone important is around to hobnob with. The support band plays their heart-out for a case of beers and nobody gives a shit about them unless someone up there in the higher echelons has name-dropped them. Then the main band come on, the concert goers are too busy sending snap-chats to even look at the stage and then go outside for a smoke to talk about how epic the show was.

When I was their age I went to shows like it was a matter of life or death. I stood in line for hours to be at the front, I sang along. Yes those days are long gone, but thats a matter of age and cynicism rather than disregard for the scene. However, i’m constantly amazed when metal band play and people turn up right around doors, eager to rush over to the merch table, buy patches, and stand right at the front of the stage when the band play. Even the support bands watch the headliners and vice versa. Its a feeling of being part of something bigger, a group, family.

Not to mention the fact that numerous security guards have mentioned how much they love metal shows because invariably when someone gets drunk they leave without protest instead of raising a hissy fit and threatening to name and shame the guards in the latest online spew that will post on the subject.

The only thing going against them is the fact that a popular indie/rock club in Oslo can accommodate a lot of idiots on a weekend just because people are milling around willing to check out new places to dance or drink. Metal bars are metal bars. No 22 year old from Frogner suddenly decides to check out Kniven on a friday night, so the only people paying for pints are the regulars, and in a city of 600.000 people, there simply aren’t enough to keep most places running.

Its a sad statement of the current scene in Oslo, that the one with the most die-hard fans who spend their money and support the bands are the ones that end up having the hardest time staying afloat.

Take a walk on the wild side, metal bars can actually be a welcome relief from the stresses of weekends in the towns hotspots. The shows are already taken care of!

Long live your raised horns!


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