Hove Festival Closes its Doors

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Who hasn’t been to, or played at Hove? One of Norway’s longest running festivals on the beautiful island outside Arendal announced last week they will not be returning in 2015. They follow suit of a number of other Norwegian festivals who have closed down in recent years, and though they were bought by the UK company Festival Republic after declaring bankruptcy in 2008, still have not been able to survive.

Recent closures of both music venues and festivals beg the question the sustainability of music festivals in an age of digital downloading, rise in ticket prices, high competition, and fickle line-up selections. At the same time, there seem to be an never-ending rise of new clubs, and festivals including Tinderbox, which Hove alludes to on their site.

We´d love to hear your thoughts on the closure of Hove Festival as positive or negative, memories of your time at the festival, or how you readers think it will impact Norway’s music scene. Feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page.




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