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This Friday, music mongrels need to head over to Blå. We asked the promoter Toft to give us a quick festival preview of this psychedelic event!


BS: So who all is playing?
It’s a fairly cost efficient festival with only three musicians, but when teaming up in different constellations the bottom line comes to 8 band projects:
RUINS alone
PSYCHE BUGYO (Tsuyama’s Psychedelic Judgement)

BS: What is meant by Japanese New Music fest, since many of these artists are obviously not new?
Well, isn’t all new music basically old music? It’s “New” in the sense that it’s alternative. Very alternative. And highly eclectic. You’ll experience eight very different projects on stage this night, spanning from stoner psych rock to an acapella choir.

BS: What inspired you to make such a fest?
It’s Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins), Atsushi Tsuyama (Acid Mothers Temple), and Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple) that came up with the idea, so I’m basically just setting it all up for them. But I think the entire idea is to place themselves outside of their traditional comfort zone and make it into an eerie but playful experience.

BS: Have you worked with them before?
We’ve done the festival once before. I think it was in 2010 or ’11. And I’ve had Acid Mothers Temple at Blå a couple of times before. Actually, the lasttime AMT played Oslo, they did my birthday festival – The Toft Festival – at Revolver two years ago. That was a killer night. The guys have yet to disappoint me.

BS: Why might a music enthusiast, who may have never heard of these artists, come down?
If you feel comfortable with two or more of the following tags; psychedelic rock, prog, jazz, classical to contemporary composition, experimental, and ethnic music, then you’ll regret it if you’re a no show. This is truly something out of the ordinary.

BS: Have you witnessed this before? 3 persons, 8 bands — seems like an exhaustive nightmare way to play for most musicians
The last time it seemed like they really enjoyed themselves, and that wore of on the audience aswell, making it into a perfect night. That’s much of the reason why we’re doing it again. Trying to recreate magic.

BS: What kind of fuel does Blå provide the artists to keep them going? Did they have any interesting rider requests?
They pretend to be very low maintenance, but I guess the Japanese Embassy is up to something.

BS: Anything else you want to say on the festival?
Just come, otherwise you’ll have a hellish time afterward when all your friends are standing there talking about it and suddenly you stand there all alone in a corner humming on one of Morrissey’s latest songs all by yourself. And nobody in their right mind want that to happen. Please, join the table.


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