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With the eternal battle between the two big cities of Norway as to who has the best music scene, bands, art, etc Australian ex-pat Adam Eaton took a chat with Einar Kaupang of Bergen band DIG DEEPER, who are now based in Oslo.

1. A Bergen or an Oslo band? What are you guys? Is it allowed to be both? 

The Bergen/Oslo-hate thing cracks me up. Growing up in Oslo myself, but having lived in Bergen between 2006-2012 I`ve seen my share of Bergen bands coming to Oslo and not fitting the part, and the same goes for Oslo bands in Bergen. We don`t seem to take much interest in each other and to be honest I think this is a huge loss for bands, artist and the people going to shows. We end up not learning from each other and hiding inside our own rehearsal spaces and studios speaking lowly of “the bands on the other side”. I think it`s time to change.
There are many things we can learn from each other and how to work music both and develop new constellations, yet we`re stuck at one side of the mountain and no one understands why they didn`t sell any tickets last time they played Oslo/Bergen. I mean, come together! Be cool, be nice. It is really not that hard.

Rivalry and competition is never unhealthy, but musicians want to meet other musicians and we should make arrangements for more band/artist exchange or split gigs between Oslo and Bergen bands. It`s a win-win situation.

Dig Deeper is the proof that it`s allowed and possible to be both. Rock from the mountains, dividing two great music cities.

2. I’m not Norwegian as you know and I learnt in my Norskurs that your surname ‘Kaupang’ is the name of an old Viking age site. That’s a pretty tough name you have. My Nanna’s surname was ‘Flower’, that’s not very tough, I almost ended up with that. Do you think this heritage has something to do with why you play balls out rock and I sing a lot of ballads? How much has your upbringing or environment influenced your music? 

To be honest, to me, toughness comes naturally. I never look back and I never re-think. I never question the feelings or thoughts that I have. I´m never insecure and I think that is well underlined in my lyrics. It must be the Viking blood that has given me such strength to never compromise.

Yes sir! The Viking blood runs through my veins, and me and my Viking friends stole, trashed and plundered around the neighbourhood, growing up. Shit was real in the 90´s. Growing up at Røa in Oslo you had to have thick skin to survive.
You know Adam, in 1997, before the flying cars, Thorvald Meyers gate was not what it is today. No Aussie songwriter wandered the streets thinking about girls and flowers, drinking Lattés at Bar Boca. Today, we live in a big but yet small world, a world of distractions. You got to make your own system.
It does not matter where you come from, both you and I live in the same city, we dream the same dreams and drink the same beer.

Maybe you´re the Viking of us – The flower Viking.

3. Your new single ‘Dreaming with Einar’ is such a cool song, an epic journey. I’d like to hear about how the song came about, and also the lyrics? Is it about a sexy dream? I also suggest you can keep this trend going, maybe put some singing lesson youtube videos up on the internet called ‘Singing with Einar’. I would definitely watch those! You’re also welcome to help me learn more Norwegian with ‘Norwegian with Einar’. 

I seldom talk about my lyrics in detail, but “Dreaming With Einar” is a song of regret, fear of reality, and of losing the ordinary. It is from a time in my life with a lot of disappearing. It`s a psychedelic guided tour inside the mind of Dig Deeper as a band. Everyone is invited!

It is not a sexy dream, but we are working on a sexy video called “Undressing With Einar” as we speak. It will be out soon!
We are also launching the children´s TV-show – Drawing With Einar next year.
After that the Bartender`s guide “Dehydrating with Einar” will be out.

I will also be in the Norwegian TV-show this winter called “Dancing with Einar” it will replace the NRK-show “Adils hemmelige dansere” which has been one of my favourite shows the last year; so I´m delighted.

4. I love your band name, but I had to dig a grave for one of our pet dogs a few years back on my parents land in the bush in Australia. The ground was so fucking hard that I possibly could not dig any deeper. Do you think your band name is perhaps a little patronising? Trust me, there’s only so far you can dig, you obviously haven’t been to the town Junortoun in Australia. I challenge you to come dig a hole on my parents land, if you can’t dig any deeper than me, you need to change your band name to ‘Dig as deep as you can’. 

Challenge accepted, I will come to your land and the town Junortoun, my friend, and dig a deeper hole in the ground than you! Never been there, would like to go some day.
You know how kids always say if you dig deep enough you´ll reach China. I always wondered what Australian kids say, where will they end up if they keep digging. Can you ask when you go home for christmas man?

5. All singer/songwriters are known for going pretty mental on stage. At my last show I kicked over my glass of whiskey (well accidental, but wow.. crazy). Do you have any tricks in store to follow that sort of craziness at Revolver? What can people expect from your show?

Of all the shows I´ve seen in my time that kicking-over-the-glass-episode was the shit. You really rocked. The day after I woke up and one of my pillows was on the floor and not in bed. That´s how crazy I get from going to hardcore singer/songwriter-shows.

At Revolver we will take people on a journey into our world, slowly manipulating their minds into digging Dig Deeper. We are bringing a new set of visuals and effects as well. Going to be wild!


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