2015: Another bitter year

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It’s been a long break here at Bad Sounds. Why? Well, we just haven’t given a fuck. Also we’re not doing many new reviews these days, cuz we heard a rumour that music is over. The internet is broken and all bands have disbanded because all songs have been written…there is no originality left. Ok, that’s not really true; we just needed a long well deserved vacation from our hard hitting pulitzzzer price quality journalism.

Some of us are working our 9-5’s, some are out traveling, while others are busy opening restaurants (go check out Mission Taco in Oslo). So what are our plans for this year? Well, maybe a few new things, but in general not really anything different than in 2014. We will continue to bring you the bitter truth, but maybe a little less frequently. We’re still sick and tired of the Spellemanspris quality of rock around these parts, and we feel someone’s gotta put a different spin on things; to counterweight the small-town redundancy and stroking of egos. “No resistance, no art” as they say… Disagree? Then prove us wrong. 2015 is here and there is plenty of opportunity to disappoint us. Maybe we will even write some positive articles this year, who knows?


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