Roadburn Festival, Day II

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Road burn day II:
Good morning guys, – a review of day as I told in a very serious conversation. Joining us this morning from the Jungalow is Also Lukas. Dork face (df): Una (u): Lukas(l)

df: dudes, so like what are your thoughts on last night?

u: it stared of in a crushing manner! Bell witch!

l & u: 2 piece band, drums and 6 string bass player, 2 top dogs on stage, it was pretty atmospheric but like really heavy, it was crushing, crushing is the best word to describe it for sure.

l: it was really hard to organise the day because it was just so many good bands to see.

u: add some amnesia and general confusing in there and it doesn’t get easier.

all: hmm, we went to see Fister @ Cul the sac (the small extra stage a club), it was alright, we caught a bit of Subrosa, that was good.

df: OK, so I came and it was so sunny and nice and smelling so good everywhere, we went to see Floor. Floor was groovy man. Floor was like really anticipated and I mean it was their first European show ever!

all: Primitive men was hard and destroying. dude, we saw so many bands, oh yeah! Eagle twin was good! the throat singing was fun. Russian circles were good. Then we went over to see Thou.

u: for me the highlight was Thou. It was so heavy.

l & u: They have this groove that just really grabs you, so physically. The singer is so intense and like sincere, they play with such easy but so sincere and crushing too.

l: I didn’t feel woven hand.. yeah, a lot of people like them.. so many people are are crazy about them and was so exited about their last record as well, but no.

all: It was one of those things were you want it to be something else live but we just didn’t feel it. like they played good but maybe we just wanted those really heavy riffs. Molloch @ Cul the sac was an experience. Eyehategod, that was good. They started with their hits: the 3rd one was that New orleans is the new Vietnam… hm then we headed to see Helms alee from Seattle. And then. It. Was. Bonggripper. Dude.

df: that was the highlight for me, man.

all: yeah they played their late album ‘Miserable’ in its entirety. 3 songs in over and hour, like 3 hour and 10 minutes. It was such a good finish for that day, like it stared SO heavy with Bell Witch and then finished with bong gripper, it was just a perfect ending. df: dude and the visuals on Bonggripper was amazing: the backdrop was the art work from the vinyl/record, and it was moving so slow you couldn’t see it moving. Man.

u: yeah and its so cool and intricate, the artwork. You get it with the download of the album as a .jpg, and I remember looking at it and was like dude this is cool! But like, this big you could really see it and with all the details and stuff, yeah.

df: OK, so, in conclusion: Bell Witch was a kick ass kick stater, and then the highlights was probably Thou, Eyehategod and finally Bonggripper. u: should we say what we look forward to today?

df: yes. for me.. Oh no! The Heads and Tombstones are on at the same time!

u: Virus, erhm, im also looking forward too.. hm today is hard, I’m actually looking forward to Fields of nephilim because I’m a major 80’s synth fan these days.

l:, Eyehategood.. all: again? YES!

l: Tomstones and Mortals, all female metal from Brooklyn, Skeleton Witch, Profeteus.

df: hm, yes, a lot of bands to see today as well, I’m looking forward to Skeleton Witch as well, that´s at the very end of the day though. Aight, gonna be cool to see what this day turns out to be, peace.

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