Stoner Fashionista´s Roadburn 2015 Diary, pt. I

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Day I:

Some quick thoughts on the way down:

1. Føkk Wardruna. Fucking no, man, wannabe Sami jazz emo shait. More exited about The Heads, or should i say PSYCHed, erm, heh. Note to self: only for domestic flights can you be at the airport 40 minutes before take-off. Dutch trains are very confusing.

2. Exited about Anthroproph wich sounds very progtastic indeed.


3. Enslaved can go fuck them selves, booooring. And seriously what the actual fuck is up with that TERRIBLE clouds song??!! := Fields Of The Nephilim sound like English spew from the 80’s.

4. But ooh, Wovenhand! For some, a plinky-plonky tenacious band that its kind of intriguing.

5. Russian circles is..catchy? Well that warms my power pop-loving heart.. But also black metal, but is it too much opera? We shall see…


6. Anathema..not sure if lovely of boring AF.

7. Goblin is on to something that’s not boring! Fuck yeah I can’t wait to see these weirdo’s live! Virus, yes I think so. Zombi: hahaha! Why not. slow can you go? Sounds nice.

8. Monolord, YAAA$$$! Yes yes yes. Heavy AF stoner rawk. I like this sound! Electric citizen wants it to be the 70’s? Yeah OK. I hope I can get some experience enhancers for Majeure and or Steve Moore. And by ‘experience enhancers’ I mean drugs, and by drugs I mean ibuprofen because I’m on my period. Swedish prog Salem’s pod, det gillar vi  OMG what a relief to find some trash too.

Can’t return to Norway as a completely acified hippy which woman, so Oozing Wound sounds like a good idea. Sammal sings in Finnish. That’s good enough for me. Is Pyramidal music that goes with the logo if a production company before the movie starts? I don’t know. Domo sounds pretty fucking psychedelic. Mugstar sounds fun!


8. Bonggripper.. Good band name, yo. Sounds like something out of the southern Californian desert lands, yeuh!

Una`s mom: “What band are you most looking forward to seeing?”

Una: “Bonggripper!”

Unas mom: “What’s a bong?

Dork face: “Something American college students use to save money.”
Jesus Christ and Satan, there’s a lot of bands. This is gonna be a sludgy blast.

xoxo, -Dork face



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