Stoner Fashionistas`s Roadburn, Day III

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Day II:

Here’s my 2 cents from Roadburn day II, not that know if they’re worth 2 cents, but at least 2 tokens:

We were shopping around for shows for some time without really feeling it; it was fun to check out Der weg einer freihet because everywhere we turned all you could pick up was “hipster black metal”, and sure enough, it was very easily digestible black metal, and they played super tight, but as you stood there for a while tryin’a soke it in, you got a sense that it was something a little off, like, it was mathematical, did someone say formula black metal?


We ‘checked out’ Fields of the nephilim but I was never a goth and this is really not my cup of tea so.. Moving on. We tried to see Focus, because when are you ever not in the mood for some prog-yodeling, but that was impossible. Green room and Stage01 in the main venue can get ridiculously packed to the point where you’re just standing in the hall and you can’t even hear.

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So we went to see Eyehategod in “the church venue”, Het Patronaat, it was a line and I was a little skeptical as I’d already seen an awesome show with them @ the main stage the night before, but we went and I’m glad because they just DOMINATED. They just dominated. The sound was awesome, they were just on a roll or something, played as if they weren’t going straight to Belgium for another show that same day (wtf), and somehow managed to top the show from last night.


Anyway, it was fun to see Tombstones, they played with a lot of enthusiasm for a thankful crowd @ the Green room stage.



Finally Skeletonwitch was the last highlight from Friday finishing that day off for us who chose them over the competing shows. Haha dude, Skeletonwitch was a blast to see; we decided that they might as well have been Swedish with their long blond locks, dreamy crowd pleasing young bass angel (sorry for the shameless objectification) and very melodic and catchy thrash. Not to forget super drive and energy. That was a lot of fun and a perfect finish.

xx -Dork face.


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