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Cannabinoids found in the hemp plant are the only compounds found in the natural world that have the ability to turn on your (and your pet’s) Endocannabinoid System (ECS). When your ECS is turned on, it’s the only time your body is able to function at optimal levels of health. When people are in search of CBD oil, they are not necessarily looking for just pure CBD.

However, it is quite obvious that most people are not fully educated about all of the various differences between each of these products. Sadly, these people thought they were buying CBD Oil yet Amazon won’t allow vendors to sell actual CBD Oil, which means none of the CBD Oil products on Amazon actually work.

CBD possesses the ability to stimulate the ECS and regulate all the physiological functions described above. KannaSwiss brings Swiss-made CBD and advanced design innovation to everyday products to make them extraordinary in ways consumers never imagined. The company provides the highest quality standard CBD oil and oil-derived products using chromatography. This versatile separation technique allows precise separation, analyses, and purification of highly complex mixtures.

That’s why it’s essential to verify the amount of CBD your hemp oil contains. When the amount of cannabidiol (CBD) cannot be verified, the product is unlikely to provide the significant health and wellness potential of a quality hemp CBD product. When you purchase hemp oil products from CBDistillery, the products you select are guaranteed to be as pure and potent as stated in the product description.

When comparing hemp oil to CBD oil, there are many different uses. Some of these may be health benefits, while others may be related to industry or textile products. While devoid of CBD, hemp seed oil is a nourishing health food and popular nutritional supplement. Hemp seeds and their oil are used primarily as a foodstuff; the seeds are nutritionally similar to chia seeds, and their oil is similar to olive oil in use.


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