• 2013-11-18-04.10.19-pm

    Glittertind – “Djevelsvart”

    Nov 19, 13 • By HOT POT

    The album title loosely translates to, “Devil’s Fart” or “Devil’s Farting” which is a pretty close approximation to what this album sounds like.

  • b54075d4aaaf_138373126776_coverstor2

    Anton Ruud i Terapi – “Skal Aldri Bli Som Dem”

    Nov 18, 13 • By HOT POT

    What looks like the worst emo cover art in history, is really just singer songwriter stuff by one of Norway’s popular rock´n´roll figures, Anton Ruud. Anton Ruud i Terapi’s album title translates as “will never be like them” but his voice sounds like a Sunday after a never-ending party; frail, emotional with no range. I never bothered to check this out before, and I now know why. If I wanna stay in and listen to something like this, I’d rather listen to Tom Waits.

  • 1005820_10151626805138786_1820983184_n

    Fatal Fusion – “The Ancient Tale”

    Nov 18, 13 • By HOT POT

    Any band using “fusion” reminds of painful 90’s moments, like the disgusting taste raw fish and cream cheese. Yet another silly PR occupying space on our Google Drive, reads, “Inspired by many of the greats from the 70’s, Genesis, Camel, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Rainbow…The band is on fire, exploding in a mixture of different styles… elements of Jazz, Blues, Hard Rock, Classical music, Space rock, Metal and most off all Progressive Rock.” No. Thanks.


  • 2013-07-05 03.32.55 pm

    Mørkt Kapittel – “Gro Igjen”

    Jul 5, 13 • By HOT POT, Issue 18 // July 2013

    Emo hardcore by the numbers. Not bad. Some cool riffs. Pretty predictable melodies, perhaps lesser version of some better Nor hxc bands. But definitely not bad. Which is a fucking compliment from us. Vito Satana.

  • folkloren

    WEH – “Folkloren”

    Jul 5, 13 • By HOT POT, Issue 18 // July 2013

    After 10 seconds in, we decided: “Norwegian emo folk. Picture a 40-something yr old with a huge beard with dandelions in it. Probably goes around the forest all day collecting feathers. Appeals to dudes with shaved heads, Blood Axis/Death in June lovers, or ppl who sit in their room fantasizing about elves.”

  • 2013-07-02 04.58.12 pm

    Englemaker – Englemaker 10″

    Jul 2, 13 • By HOT POT, Issue 18 // July 2013

    Fuck Kvelertak, listen to Englemaker.

    End transmission.

  • a2728446144_2

    Sex Yeast – Sermo III & cult .45

    Jun 1, 13 • By HOT POT, Issue 17 // June 2013

    Whoa. Such incredibly dark weird stuff! We dig. Love this description: “Each CD takes about three hours to make, hence the fairly stiff price.”

  • 2013-05-31 05.47.05 pm

    Benjamin Finger – Listen to my Nerves Hum

    May 31, 13 • By HOT POT, Issue 17 // June 2013

    Cinematic music tinkerings from a solo Oslo film student lad, wrapped in handmade wood packaging from label Time Released Sound. Bit lo-fi and amateurish/untrained piano playin’ underneath reverb-ed out found sound-sampling. Not genius, but sweet.