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    Panzerpappa – “Astromalist”

    Apr 10, 13 • By HOT POT, Issue 15 // Apr 2013

    King Crimson-like soundtrack to a high speed car chase in fill in the blank 80’s television show. Proggy. Snobby. Reeks of musicianship, if that’s your thing.

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    Töcksfors – “Who’s Gonna Let You Down”

    Feb 6, 13 • By HOT POT, Issue 13 // Feb 2013

    Combining the blandness of Coldplay, and the “excitement” of Skal Vi Stupe, you get Töcksfors. Who’s Gonna Let You Down? Töcksfors, obviously.

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    The Lucky Bullets – “Dead Man’s Shoes”

    Feb 1, 13 • By HOT POT, Issue 13 // Feb 2013

    If you like 50’s r’n’r music filled with cliches about spending yr last dime on beer, tattoos, and staring down the barrel of a gun- then this is for you. But why not listen to the real thing instead? The Lucky Bullets can play, but lets face it; it’s a tired genre. Some annoying vocals here that I can’t get past. Guess what guys? You’re not from the American heartland.

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    Barren Womb – “Beard of Doom”

    Jan 10, 13 • By HOT POT, Issue 12 // Jan 2013

    Hey, Barren Womb guys. Beard of Doom is a really good title. So good, in fact, that I kind expected a rad song. But building up a minimalistic riff  for 3 minutes, blastbeating for a minute, then doing the same quiet riff again doesn´t do the title justice. Reminds me more of actually growing a beard, which is boring and itchy.

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    Reptile Youth – Reptile Youth

    Jan 7, 13 • By HOT POT, Issue 12 // Jan 2013

    I’ve heard this compared to The Rapture. Ugh. Amazingly, I’m still going to listen. “Dead End” started ok but blew it after 1:05. Dude, Denmark. No one else does, but I believe you can do better. C’mon.

  • unsaneart

    Unsane – “Wreck”

    Jan 7, 13 • By HOT POT, Issue 12 // Jan 2013

    It’s a new Unsane LP. Pretty reliable, less dark drama than 2007’s Visqueen. No surprises until maybe track eight with “Stuck,” a slow, melodic, almost-sung jam w/ rad slide action. Other rad tracks: “Decay,” “Don’t.”

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    Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille – “I Wish I Didn’t Dream”

    Dec 20, 12 • By 11 // Dec 2012, HOT POT

    Wish i didn’t have to listen to this. Apparently cut in ‘a few hours’. However the seed for this project was planted 15 yrs previously. Some interesting guitar sounds, whispered monologues here and there, and a real sense that A-Soma & Eve Libertine’s ‘Last One Out Turns Off The Lights’ is playing, all i can do here is quote the record: ‘i don’t know. i don’t know anything at all’.

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    POLes – “Marmyteran”

    Dec 20, 12 • By 11 // Dec 2012, HOT POT

    A perfect accompaniment to the screech of parcel tape constructing flat packed cardboard boxes for compact discs and vinyl ready to be shipped to the US. This is ‘that tape’ – a nondescript instrumental horror that soundtracked my days as an exports warehouse manager. Please make it stop. Oh, the horror. The horror.