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How to Add Bluetooth to Receiver?

How to add Bluetooth to receiver?

A built-in Bluetooth transmitter in an AV Receiver adds a layer of convenience to any home theater setup. After all, having wireless speakers or connecting headphones can be a real game changer in terms of convenience.

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How to Connect TV to Receiver Without HDMI?

How to connect TV to receiver without HDMI?

These days, HDMI is the most popular option to connect an AV receiver to any TV or projector. Yet, what if you have an old receiver without HDMI inputs but are still willing to connect it with some modern hardware?

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Does the Receiver Affect the Sound Quality?

Does the receiver affect the sound quality?

The home theater AV receivers are arguably the most complex and feature-rich home theater component. Some even call it the very heart of the home theater. The AV receiver takes a central position in the system between the source (DVD or Blu-ray player, computer, media server, etc.) and a set of surround sound units (usually 5–7 speakers and 1-2 subwoofers).

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Connecting an Amplifier to a Receiver With Pre Outs

Connecting an amplifier to a receiver with Pre Outs

At first glance, one may get overwhelmed with all those connectors and ports on the back of any AV receiver. It is especially true if the unit belongs to the high-end segment and offers a tremendous amount of ports.

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Differences Between the Receiver, Amplifier, and Preamp

difference between a receiver, amplifier, and preamplifier

Have you ever wondered how the sound appears in the speakers? You have probably heard that for acoustics to work and give you quality sound in movies and music — you need an amplifier or maybe a receiver. Altogether, what’s the difference between a receiver, amplifier, and preamplifier?

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